Daklakan is the production and supply of high-quality macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are native to Australia and have been commercially grown in several countries, including Vietnam.

Vietnam is among the leading producers of macadamia nuts globally and has a favorable climate for growing the nut trees. Our country has a significant area under macadamia cultivation, with the majority of production being in the central region, specifically in the provinces of Lam Dong, Khanh Hoa, Daklak and Binh Thuan.

macadamia nuts
Our macadamia nuts product

Several Vietnamese companies are engaged in the production, processing, and export of macadamia nuts.  Daklakan is one of leading companies in the macadamia nut industry in Vietnam, and it is actively engaged in the production, processing, and export of macadamia nuts. The company sources raw nuts from local farmers who are trained in best agricultural practices, and processes the nuts into different forms, including kernels, roasted nuts, and nut-based products like oil and butter.

Spring fair in buon ma thuot
Spring fair in Buon Ma Thuot city 2023

The demand for macadamia nuts has been growing globally due to their health benefits, unique flavor, and versatility as an ingredient. As a result, Daklakan is expanding their production and processing capacities to meet the rising demand.

Daklakan is a young and passionate agriculture company that is dedicated to changing the agriculture of Daklak province in Vietnam. With a focus on sustainable agriculture practices, the company aims to protect and preserve the natural resources in the region. By providing farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, Daklakan is working to create a sustainable future for the community.

macadamia nuts

The main service offered by Daklakan is the production and supply of high-quality macadamia nuts. With our commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and our experienced team, Daklakan is well positioned to meet the growing demand for macadamia nuts both domestically and internationally. The company’s passion and dedication to our mission make us a valuable contributor to the agriculture industry in Daklak province.


Our showroom in Ho Chi Minh: 1st floor, 74 Nguyen Ngoc Phuong ward 19 Binh Thanh district, HCMC Vietnam

Our manufacturer: 22/4 Ngo Gia Tu, ward 10, Eadrang town, Eah’leo district, Daklak province.

Taxcode: 6001743263

Hotline: +84888047111


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